Meet the characters that make up the team at Rivendell that contribute to providing a non-judgemental and inclusive space that Deb's clients can immerse themselves in. 


Reg Paint Horse Gelding 15hh

Sunny is Rivendell's senior Equine he will be 26 this year on the 13 October (1996). Sunny was born and bred in the Wee Jasper Valley NSW.  

Deb has been lucky enough to have had Sunny's Company since he was an hour old. Sunny is now retired although he still likes to support Equine Assisted Therapy sessions at liberty.


Storm "Stormy"

Rescue Pony Gelding 13hh

Storm was a rescue pony who came to Rivendell almost 6 years ago. Storm is rising 7 years old and has come a long way. Storm is cheeky, playful and friendly. Storm's partner in crime is Apache the Shetland pony. They are dynamite and fire when they're together.



Reg Paint Horse Gelding 15hh

Elmo was born 25th August 2004. He joined Sunny at Rivendell six years ago. Elmo is a little spirited at times and keeps everyone on their toes. Elmo is one of Rivendell's Mounted Session horses.  


Gandolf "Gandy"

Rescue Thoroughbred Gelding 18hh

"The gallant Grey" Gandy has been at Rivendell for about 3 years. Gandy towers over the other horses at his 18 hands. He is rising 18 years old and a gentle giant. 



Arabian Riding Pony Mare 14hh

Molly and her friend Amber were kindly donated to Rivendell by a kind lady that was moving. The previous owners wishes were for the mares to stay together and they have found their forever home. Molly has a boho appearance and the soul of a gypsy, she can be very avoidant and just holding space on the edge of the herd, it’s a special moment if Molly allows you in her space bubble, Molly is rising 16 years old



Arabian x Quarter Horse Mare 14hh

Amber and Molly were kindly donated to Rivendell they have found their forever home. Amber has clear boundaries that seem to only applies around feed time. Amber is 20+ years old and going in to her senior years.


Calgary aka Snip (Sire Snippton)


Snip is the 7th member to join the herd at Rivendell.
Snip finished racing at 7 years of age and was kindly donated from his former owner. Snip won one 1st place race and earned approx. $8,000 in prize money. Snip is gentle, calm paced and a pleasure to be around. Snip is one of the Mounted session Horses at Rivendell.



The Beautiful Arab Riding Pony 13hh

Poppy was generously Donated by Shelley Bongioletti who owns the divine Lulu & Mae Boutique in township of Gin Gin 15km from Rivendell.

Rivendell is very Grateful for the beautiful Poppy aka “Mary Poppins” to become one of the herd members.

Poppy is sweet natured and very willing to engage in Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions catering to the younger audience. Poppy is Every Little Girls Dream Pony. Poppy is rising 11 years.



Shetland Pony 8hh

Apache is very unique he is palomino and white “skewbald” with a blue flash in his eye colour, full of cheekiness and spunk. Apache is broken in and does participate in mounted sessions for the younger clients. Apache and Storm are paddock buddies and get up to mischief at Rivendell. Apache is rising 4 years old.  



Australian Stock Horse Mare 15.5hh

Rose has the sweetest temperament and loves to engage in Water Colours with Charlie. Rose is extremely playful, curios and interactive in Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions.
Rose was donated by a Young Local Girl who has amazing Horsemanship skills and developing Rose to the fine mare she is today. Rose is rising 7 years old, broken in and will one day be available for mounted sessions in the future.



Arab Riding and English Riding Pony 13hh

The Stunning Miss Belle aka “Canterwood Carousel” finely bred by Shelley Bongioletti. Belle is Poppy’s rising 4-year-old Filly. Belle is adorable and sweet natured. Belle is currently being handled and is intrigued with the Equine Assisted Therapy Session’s and enters the Session’s at liberty. Belle likes to stand with the herd and support session’s grounding with outbreaths, she is a natural when it comes to supporting Equine Assisted Therapy Clients.  


Benji "Your Mate Jimmy"


Benji is a beautiful soul he was donated as a rescue and had previously raced on the track under the racing name “Your mate Jimmy” winning one 1st place at Ipswich and won a purse of 14k over his racing career. There is a special connection between Deb and Benji. Benji affectionately called “Boo” is a social butterfly when engaging in Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions despite his huge size, he loves playing with the giant horse ball. Benji participates in mounted sessions at Rivendell. Benji is rising 18 years.



Arab Riding and English Riding Pony 11hh

Fairy by name and Fairy by nature, she is a divine celestial creature aka “Canterwood Lace Wing”. Shelley Bongioletti’s Ponies are desirable and finely bred with such gorgeous temperaments and simply stunning in conformation.

Fairy will be the newest addition to Rivendell’s Herd, she is a soft natured filly still only a couple of months old running at her Dam’s side and when she is weaned, she will run in Rivendell’s Paddocks with her half sister Belle aka “Canterwood Carousel”

 Rivendell is excited and can’t wait until she is a part of the Equine Assisted Therapy Herd.

Gypsy the Therapy Dog


Catahoula x Great Dane

Gypsy stared in mental health week at 7 weeks old at the Community Care Unit QLD Health Wide Bay Mental Health Hospital Service and was so popular with the Residents he was asked to come back again! When Gypsy was 1 years old he participated in his therapy dog training program and became the first certified therapy dog to walk his huge paws through QLD Health Wide Bay Mental Health Hospital service.

Gypsy supported the Residents at the CCU for 3 years.

Gypsy has his own Facebook page (The Services) and still supports clients today at Rivendell's Equine Assisted Therapy.

Gypsy is part of the welcoming committee that greets clients from the high set veranda at Rivendell.

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